In 2004 the group core business soared as quickly as high demand of assistance emerged from ship owners and charterers to handle their interest locally at the port of Dakar leading to an necessary setting up of the MARINE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AGENCY

Very competitive rate and highly experienced and committed staff dedicate MARINE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AGENCY to offer a detailed care to match the requirement of all ship owners and Cargo owners.

Whether we deal with cargo ships, tankers, research vessels ,cruiseships;tugs and barges,offshore units etc… we provide full assistance of 24/24 hours service to our principals entire satisfaction


The scope of our work goes beyond the simple task of ships stay condition but covers the clearance and transfer of goods, handling and delivering them to consignee premised . We also assure the safe delivery of spare parts to vessel This service includes


Ships and cargoes agent inspire MARINE INTERNATIONAL SENEGAL to manage its own stevedoring structure with equipment of high performance and dedicate personnel in view of achieving successful cargo handling TIME SAVING AND LOW DAMAGE RATE with high techs equipments EXCAVATORS, CONVEYOR BELTS,GENERAL PURPOSE FORK LIFTS .BAGGING MACHINE REACH STACKERS ETC…